Additional clasp brake for faster trains

NedTrain, the Netherlands
2015 - ongoing
Trains running at higher speeds require more brake capacity
Installation of additional clasp brakes to assist the existing disc brakes


Additional clasp brake for faster trains

The question
NedTrain, specialized in maintenance, repair and upgrades of railway rolling stock, wanted to select one single contractor who could supply the complete scope of required components for the capacity upgrade of the brake system of the ICRm trains. DRIE-D was awarded with this contract.

The practice
The brake system of the InterCityRijtuig, or ICRm, in use by Dutch Rail since 1980, initially consisted of disc brakes only. This system was suitable for speeds of up to 140 kilometres per hour. Because of the desire to increase the maximum velocity, the capacity of the brake system needed to be increased.

The practice
An increase of the maximum velocity to 160 kilometres per hour demands a significant increase in brake capacity to comply to the applicable rules and safety regulations.

The solution
To realize this addition capacity, the choice was made to install an additional clasp brake system on all axles, next to the existing disc brake. DRIE-D carried out this requisition by supplying a complete package, consisting of Jurid®, brake block holders, auxiliary components and fixtures.

The result
With the supplementary brakes installed, the ICRm trains can now run at higher speeds while complying to all applicable rules and regulations. They are used on the HSL railway trajectory as replacement for the defunct Fyra V250 trains. This way the HSL tracks are put to good use, in spite of the absence of the Fyra trains.