In 1998 plain bearings and brake linings had been around for centuries, the ancient Roman chariots utilized both and Leonardo da Vinci already described the principles. However, knowledge about how to apply the principles in practical, efficient designs was hardly available, let alone a company that could also supply robust, reliable products. That year, with the aim to fill exactly that void, in cooperation with a then small manufacturer of composite bearings and two leading manufacturers of friction materials, DRIE-D was founded

Over the years DRIE-D has evolved into a technically driven company with three main competences: bearing technology, friction technology and components for port equipment. The manufacturing plant is now part of the group, which in 2017 has grown to close to fifty people. Almost a third of them are engineers, working with and for customers to realise the best, smartest, most reliable and advanced designs. Our customers form a fair representation of the global industry, with both end users as well as manufacturers of equipment.

The founders of DRIE-D still play key roles in the company, which today is run by a professional management, aided by a certified quality assurance system.