Mission, Vision and Values

Mission & Vision

Starting with functionality in mind, DRIE-D designs products for any specific situation where mechanical motion is applicable. Our designs are focused on sustainability in all its aspects:


With a high quality standard (durability, lifetime, maintenance requirements and total cost of ownership)

Requiring minimal service intervals

And designs friendly for both human and nature

We like to make things move. Our engineers work for and also with our customers. Listening carefully and investigative, sharing knowledge and experience, bringing creative input and a critical collaborative approach leads to new designs or improved products for any type of challenge.



We believe in innovation. Developing smart and simple solutions is what thrives us. Not limited to or bound by existing solutions we use the latest techniques and materials to challenge known applications with our refreshing approach and innovative designs.

Simplicity with a focus on sustainability leads to less maintenance, less wasting of materials and taking responsibility for our mutual future.